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Organic Potting Mix

  • What is Organic Potting Mix?

    Living Earth Organic Potting Mix contains only the finest NATURAL ingredients - our famous compost, some bark and pumice, plus some all natural fertilizers. No chemicals here!

  • How do I use Organic Potting Mix?

    Fill pots and planters and plant straight into the mix. Water thoroughly.

  • What does Biogro Organic certified actually mean?

    Biogro NZ is the major organic certifier of products that are produced from natural ingredients - this means we have been 'audited' to make sure that our ingredients are 100% natural. Living Earth has four Biogro certified products - Organic Compost, Organic Veggie Mix, Organic Potting Mix.

  • Is Organic Potting Mix 100% weed-free?

    Yes, it is 100% free of weeds.

  • What potted plants can I grow in Organic Potting Mix?

    You can grow all types of plants suited to pots in Organic Potting Mix, including your favourite edibles.

  • What is the best organic certified fertiliser to use with Organic Potting Mix?

    Living Earth Organic Liquid Compost has been specially developed and trialled with our organic mixes, so we know it produces the best results when used during the growing season.

  • How much Organic Potting Mix do I use?

    Fill pots and planters to 2 to 3 cm from the rim.

  • Can I buy Living Earth Organic Potting Mix in bulk, as well as bags?

    Living Earth now sells a Bulk Bag range with free delivery in the Auckland region. Simply head to one of our bulk bag product pages to see if we deliver in your area.

    If you're outside of Auckland, please get in touch, one of our sales specialists will be in contact. 

    Currently, this mix is only available in bags, but keep watching.