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  • How do I make sure my green waste is recycled into Living Earth compost in Auckland?

    By sending it to one of the green waste drop-off points around Auckland or arranging for a home collection. For a list of sites and green waste collectors who drop off at Puketutu, Click Greenwaste.

    We are proudly owned by WM New Zealand and by choosing to use a WM New Zealand green waste bin, you are actively supporting sustainability and the circular economy. 

  • How does the composting operation work in Auckland?

    In Auckland the greenwaste is shredded and then laid out in in long rows. Then it is turned regularly so that all parts of the pile reach the 55 degrees required. Within 3 to 4 months the compost is ready and is safe to use back in the garden.

  • What are recycled wood chips?

    Broken or damaged wooden pallets on which products are delivered in to stores, this wood is untreated and is sent to Living Earth to be recycled into wood chips for creating our famous mulch blends.