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Organic Compost

  • What is Compost?

    Compost is Nature's way of recycling organic matter into something nutritious and beneficial for your garden. It's a rich source of humus (not to be confused with hummus) and organic matter

  • Why is Living Earth certified Organic Compost so good?

    Living Earth Compost is made to high quality standards and batch tested so you can be assured that it is safe to use and will grow healthy plants in your garden.

  • How does it improve your soil?

    Compost is a fantastic conditioner for your soil - it improves the structure, brings the worms and aids water retention in your soils.

  • Why must I dig it through my soil?

    Compost is a rich 'concentrated' brew of organic matter that acts best when mixed into your soil, improving the overall structure, adding and unlocking nutrients and making them available to plants.

  • When do I add compost to my soil?

    Compost may be dug through the soil at any time, but it's best to avoid waterlogged gardens until they've dried a little.

  • What does Biogro Organic certified actually mean?

    Biogro NZ is the major organic certifier of products that are produced from natural ingredients - this means we have been 'audited' to make sure that our ingredients are 100% natural. Living Earth has four Biogro certified products - Organic Compost, Organic Veggie Mix, Organic Potting Mix.

  • Are there NZ composting standards?

    Yes, a NZ standard, NZS4454:2005 that Living Earth complies with, means that our compost is completely safe for the gardener to use.

  • Why is greenwaste/foodwaste compost naturally better than others?

    Compost made from a range of 'greens and browns' becomes a rich brew when composted, because it contains so many diverse and nutritious ingredients. The food waste that we blend into the Christchurch compost increases that high nutritional content further.

  • How is Living Earth Compost 100% weed-free?

    Once our greenwaste and foodwaste has been at our plants for more than 3 days, the piles have reached over 55°re;C. Three days at that temperature is hot enough to kill all the weed and plant seeds.

  • How much do I apply?

    • Dig a 50mm layer of compost through the soil in your garden or raised beds before planting. Do this twice a year, for best results.
  • Can I buy Living Earth Compost in bulk, as well as bags?

    Living Earth now sells a Bulk Bag range with free delivery in the Auckland region. Simply head to one of our bulk bag product pages to see if we deliver in your area.

    If you're outside of Auckland, please get in touch, one of our sales specialists will be in contact.