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  • What is Greenwaste?

    Greenwaste is the ingredient that Living Earth makes its compost from. Greenwaste is plant material that comes from your garden when you weed, prune your trees and mow your lawns. It includes:

    • tree prunings and branches - up to 150 mm diameter stems
    • weeds
    • old plants
    • lawn clippings
    • shrubs
    • flowers

    But please, no:

    • flax
    • cabbage tree leaves
    • bamboo
    • soil (other than what is around the plant roots)
    • plastic
    • glass
    • tins, metal
    • wood ash
  • How can I have my greenwaste collected from my home knowing it will be used in Living Earth's composting process, NOT sent to the landfill?

    In Auckland, greenwaste collected by the following companies is delivered to Puketutu Island and processed into quality compost: Waste Management NZ Limited, East Tamaki Transfer Station, 33 Neales Road, East Tamaki 09 273 8087

  • Which transfer stations can I drop off my greenwaste at, so it can be sent to Living Earth for composting?

    Greenwaste brought into the following transfer stations is transported to Living Earth for composting.

    • Pikes Point Transfer Station,81 Captain Springs Road Onehunga 09 636 6635
    • Devonport Transfer Station,27 Lake Road Devonport 09 445 6914
    • Waste Management Limited, Whitford Transfer Station, 301 Whitford Maraetai Road, Whitford 09 530 8774
    • Papakura Transfer Station, Inlet Road, Takanini 09 299 8153
    • Ecodrop Christchurch, Metro Place, Bromley 03 941 7513

    In Christchurch, your greenwaste is collected at kerbside on a regular basis. For more information go to

  • When my weeds go to Living Earth don't they stay in the compost and re-grow?

    No, throughout the composting process temperatures of over 55 degrees celsius are reached. It only takes three days at this heat to kill all weed seeds and there is no chance of them germinating at a later date. However, our outdoor (windrow) composting lasts much longer, up to 120 days and during this time, the pile is turned many times to make sure all the greenwaste gets to this temperature.

    In Christchurch with the Organics collection, it stays in the tunnel for 7-10 days, then matures outside for up to 30 days. The greenwaste that is brought into Metro Place on trailers is put into windrows like Puketutu Island and takes 120 days.

  • If I've sprayed my roses or other garden plants will the spray residue affect the compost made by Living Earth?

    The heat process mentioned above is enough to kill out virtually all herbicide and pesticide residues. Every batch of compost and compost product made is tested to ensure plants grow actively and healthily.

    There is one culprit that you need to be aware of - clopyralid. While most selective weedkillers for lawns are broken down in the composting process, any product containing the active ingredient clopyralid leaves a detectable residue in your lawn clippings that in turn affect that batch of compost. So if you've sprayed your lawn with a product containing it, put your lawn clippings in your inorganic waste bin collection.

    But be assured, each year Living Earth spends over $150,000.00 testing our compost products to ensure that when they are used on the garden, your plants will be the biggest and healthiest around!

  • Greenwaste Enquiries

    Check out our Auckland and Christchurch details at the bottom of this page.