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More Than Garden Mix

  • What is More than Garden Mix?

    Our Living Earth More Than Garden Mix is a special blend of compost, bark, pumice and fertilizers, that you can plant directly into, or use on top of your soil to boost plants.

  • Why would I use More than Garden Mix, rather than ordinary garden soil?

    More Than Garden Mix is a special blend for planting that contains our rich compost and has fertilizers added to boost growth. In fact, added to heavy soils it will assist in acting as a clay-breaker.

  • What can I grow in More than Garden Mix?

    You can grow all types of plants in More Than Garden Mix, including your favourite edibles.

  • Is More Than Garden Mix 100% weed-free?

    You betcha. It is 100% free of weeds.

  • How much More than Garden Mix do I use?

    Use on Garden Beds to a depth of at least 200mm, or fill raised beds. You can top up More than Garden Mix levels at any time.

  • Can I buy Living Earth More Than Garden Mix in bulk, as well as bags?

    Living Earth now sells a Bulk Bag range with free delivery in the Auckland region. Simply head to one of our bulk bag product pages to see if we deliver in your area.

    If you're outside of Auckland, please get in touch, one of our sales specialists will be in contact.