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Organic Compost

Organic Compost


Our amazing blend of nutrient-rich 100% weed-free compost is brewed by the Living Earth compost makers.

Sustainably made from Auckland’s organic garden waste and helping our city towards its zero waste goal in 2040. Prized by landscapers and gardeners all over Auckland for its ability to enhance moisture retention - it is the city’s best soil-conditioning compost. Living Earth Organic Compost is BioGro-certified and is the prized ingredient in all our planting media.



This product contains no weeds. None whatsoever. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.


Certified 100% Organic by BioGro, New Zealand's leading organic certification agency. No chemicals here, my friend.


    We take great care to bring you premium product. Our products are created from recovered green waste and are compliant to the New Zealand Standard NZS: 4454 for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches. Click here for more information about NZS4454

       Particle size




       Natural/undyed particle size:



    >90% pass      


    40 - 60% pass      


    20 -50% pass      

    Analysed in a 1:1.5 water extraction.


    When handling larger volumes of Ultra Lawn, ensure stockpiles are covered to give protection against weather conditions and wind blown weed seeds.

    We know it's tempting, but try not to drive over stockpiles - it will compact the mix.

    Do not mix with soil - this will destroy the weed-free properties!


    When handling larger volumes of compost, ensure stockpiles are covered to give protection against weather conditions and windblown weed seed. Apply a 50mm layer to the gardens and incorporate into the top layer of soil to improve friability of that soil and add valuable nutrients. Do not plant directly into compost. It MUST be mixed with existing soil. Composted soil retains moisture for longer, aiding plant establishment.


    • Living Earth Organic Compost
    • Bark Fines
    • Sand


Step 1

This product must be mixed into your existing soil.

Step 2

Dig Living Earth Organic Compost through the soil in your garden or your raised garden beds before planting. Dig a 50mm layer of compost into your soil.

Step 3

Feed your plants with Living Earth Organic Liquid Compost. It's the perfect partner for your garden.

Step 4

For best results apply Living Earth Organic Compost twice yearly. Your plants will dig it!


See the full list of Living Earth FAQs here.

  • What is Compost?

    Compost is Nature's way of recycling organic matter into something nutritious and beneficial for your garden. It's a rich source of humus (not to be confused with hummus) and organic matter

  • Why is Living Earth certified Organic Compost so good?

    Living Earth Compost is made to high quality standards and batch tested so you can be assured that it is safe to use and will grow healthy plants in your garden.

  • How does it improve your soil?

    Compost is a fantastic conditioner for your soil - it improves the structure, brings the worms and aids water retention in your soils.

  • Why must I dig it through my soil?

    Compost is a rich 'concentrated' brew of organic matter that acts best when mixed into your soil, improving the overall structure, adding and unlocking nutrients and making them available to plants.

  • When do I add compost to my soil?

    Compost may be dug through the soil at any time, but it's best to avoid waterlogged gardens until they've dried a little.