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Blackgold Mulch

Blackgold Mulch


Compost-wood chip blend, dyed naturally. Enhances aesthetics, suppresses weeds, retains moisture, and boasts rich nutrients. Ideal for trees and shrubs.


This product contains no weeds. None whatsoever. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.


Certified 100% Organic by BioGro, New Zealand's leading organic certification agency. No chemicals here, my friend.


This product performs CPR on your soil, conditioning and improving its structure. Clear!


       Particle Size

    ≤ 100mm      


    90% pass      


    40% - 70% pass    


    20% - 50% pass      




    35% to 50%    

       Bulk density -wet wt basis (kg per m3)

    250 to 500    

    Analysed in a 1:1.5 water extraction.

    We take great care to bring you our finest products. Our products are created from green waste, so you might sometimes find small pieces of non-organic material in them.

    For more information about The New Zealand Standard (NZS 4454) for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches, please click here.


    • Spread Blackgold Mulch around plants to a depth of minimum 50mm
    • Perfect for locking in moisture at the roots of the plants and keeping weeds out Layer over clay or compacted soils - the added compost works down and interacts with it, encouraging worms to the surface to 'open up' the texture.
    • Recommended as a suitable 'non-floating' mulch for Raingardens

    When spreading ECO Mulch by hand, the use of gloves is recommended.


    • Spread mulch 30 - 50mm around annuals and perennials.
    • Spread mulch 50 - 100mm around existing trees and shrubs.


Step 1

This product must be mixed into your existing soil.

Step 2

Dig Living Earth Organic Compost through the soil in your garden or your raised garden beds before planting. Dig a 50mm layer of compost into your soil.

Step 3

Feed your plants with Living Earth Organic Liquid Compost. It's the perfect partner for your garden.

Step 4

For best results apply Living Earth Organic Compost twice yearly. Your plants will dig it!


See the full list of Living Earth FAQs here.

  • Why is Living Earth Compost so good?

    Living Earth Compost is made from only the best ingredients - clean, green organic material. It is brewed to perfection, then thoroughly tested so we know it is good.

  • Where can I buy Living Earth products?

    We sell our 40L bags and landscape yard products in selected stockists, see here for more details. We also deliver bulk bags of our products in selected Auckland regions. Simply head to one of our bulk bag product pages to see if we deliver in your area.

  • How does Living Earth Compost become 100% weed-free?

    Thanks to the activity of all the worker bugs breaking down the material in the composting process, the temperature quickly reaches above 55 degrees. After three days at this heat all weed seeds are killed.

  • Is there a qualifying standard for compost produced in NZ?

    Yes, there is. Living Earth Compost conforms to NZ standard 4454:2005, a standard that provides assurance that all composted matter is safe to use for the home gardener. The standard sets a quality level that Living Earth exceeds in the compost it produces.

  • How does Living Earth test its compost?

    We test every batch of compost at our on-site lab and with growth trials to ensure quality standards are met with the plants growing healthily. Other independent lab tests are performed to check levels of nutrients and to ensure the compost meets NZ standards.