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Auckland Manakau Eastern transport initiative(ameti)

21 February 2024

Auckland Manakau Eastern transport initiative(ameti)

The Auckland Manakau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI) was designed to offer Aucklanders better transportation choices.

The use of bioremediation technologies in environmental cleanup is another innovative application of technology in nature. Bioremediation technologies use microorganisms to break down pollutants and restore ecosystems, promoting more sustainable and natural approaches to environmental cleanup.

Another important application of technology in nature is through the use of geospatial mapping. By creating detailed maps of the environment, we can better understand the distribution of natural resources, the impact of human activity, and the potential for environmental disasters. With geospatial mapping, we can make more informed decisions about how to manage and protect the natural world.

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Living Earth manages composting operations in Auckland and Christchurch. In Auckland, on Puketutu Island, green waste undergoes a 3-4 month windrow composting process. In Christchurch, the Bromley plant processes 50,000 tonnes of organic waste annually using advanced in-vessel and windrow techniques, producing compost for multiple markets.

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Our products are distributed across Auckland through Central Landscape Supplies and NZ Landscape Supplies, and nationally via Kings Plant Barn. Additionally, we support environmental initiatives like Motutapu Island's revegetation, using our compost to nurture native NZ plants.


A collaborative approach between Waterfront Auckland, the designers Architectus, engineers Designflo, Hawkins Open Spaces and Living Earth means the growing media is manufactured to optimum specifications for performance.

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