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Organic Potting Mix

Organic Potting Mix


Our Organic Potting Mix lets you grow potted plants the all-natural way AND get amazing results. In fact, it works so well that there's a chance you'll get carried away planting and run out of pots.

If this happens, don't be scared to think outside the pot - any "container" will do. Start off slow with an old boot or a watering can, and then let your creativity take over. Hmmm, I bet no one would miss that bathtub.


This product contains no weeds. None whatsoever. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.


Certified 100% Organic by BioGro, New Zealand's leading organic certification agency. No chemicals here, my friend.


    We start with our Living Earth Organic Compost - the magic, nutrient-rich ingredient in all our mixes. Then we sprinkle in some Bark Fines to give it a bit of body. Pumice (aiding drainage) is added next. And last, but not least we throw in some Organic Fertilisers for all-natural growing performance.


    Before we bag it up and send it to your favourite garden store, we make sure our Organic Potting Mix is top-notch by testing it for:

    • Nutrients
    • Seed Germination
    • Weed Free
    • Plant Growth

    We take great care to bring you our finest products. Our products are created from green waste, so you might sometimes find small pieces of non-organic material in them.

    For more information about The New Zealand Standard (NZS 4454) for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches, please click here.


Step 1

This product must be mixed into your existing soil.

Step 2

Dig Living Earth Organic Compost through the soil in your garden or your raised garden beds before planting. Dig a 50mm layer of compost into your soil.

Step 3

Feed your plants with Living Earth Organic Liquid Compost. It's the perfect partner for your garden.

Step 4

For best results apply Living Earth Organic Compost twice yearly. Your plants will dig it!


See the full list of Living Earth FAQs here.

  • What is Organic Potting Mix?

    Living Earth Organic Potting Mix contains only the finest NATURAL ingredients - our famous compost, some bark and pumice, plus some all natural fertilizers. No chemicals here!

  • How do I use Organic Potting Mix?

    Fill pots and planters and plant straight into the mix. Water thoroughly.

  • What does Biogro Organic certified actually mean?

    Biogro NZ is the major organic certifier of products that are produced from natural ingredients - this means we have been 'audited' to make sure that our ingredients are 100% natural. Living Earth has four Biogro certified products - Organic Compost, Organic Veggie Mix, Organic Potting Mix.

  • Is Organic Potting Mix 100% weed-free?

    Yes, it is 100% free of weeds.

  • What potted plants can I grow in Organic Potting Mix?

    You can grow all types of plants suited to pots in Organic Potting Mix, including your favourite edibles.